• Drug discovery and development is a difficult, time consuming and expensive effort. Only about 1 out of 100 new drug discovery projects ever reach the market. It takes about 15 years and cost about 1-2 bio. US $. Since 1996 the number of newly approved drugs has declined and today only about 20 new drugs are approved yearly; out of these only about 2 are new first in class drugs. Patients suffering from serious diseases at the moment do not have treatment options due to lack of proper medications. Often such medications will not be developed because of the costs and risks associated with the development.

  • There is a need to find new ways to explore new methods to provide new treatments of patients in need and to secure that such treatment can be brought to the market with a higher probability of success, with less costs and with less risks of failure.

  • Contera Pharma has developed new drug candidates based on a combination of repositioning, combinations and reformulations. The main characteristics of these projects are:

  • 1. Mechanism based poly-pharmacological biological efficacy.
  • 2. Fast access to clinical proof of concept data.
  • 3. Low risk of attrition in development due to unexpected adverse effect.
  • 4. Very long exclusivity.