• Levodopa is the gold-standard for treatment in Parkinson`s disease (PD) but patients may need to administer up to 6-8 doses daily doses due to a short half-life and “wearing-off”. Such frequent dosing is not possible at nighttime. Therefore, up to 60% of the patients experience nocturnal and early morning disabling muscle stiffness, - known as Early Morning Akinesia.

  • Early Morning Akinesia has a significant negative impact on quality-of-life for patients being associated with a number of non-motor-symptoms of PD; e.g. urinary urgency, anxiety, dribbling of saliva, pain, low mood, limb paresthesia and dizziness. There is no proven efficient therapy available for Early Morning Akinesia.

  • JM-012 is a novel formulation of levodopa and carbidopa developed in collaboration with Solural Pharma ApS. The medication should be taken at bedtime in addition to the normal medications.